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Postulant Entrance
On September 7, the Sisters welcomed a new postulant to the community. Courtney will join our novices for formation classes this fall.

Sr M Angela addresses Courtney and the entire community during the Postulant Entrance Ceremony.

Sr M Angela gives Courtney a San Damiano crucifix that she will wear as part of her Postulant attire. This is an image of the crucifix from which St Francis heard Jesus speak to him.

After prayer and benediction, Courtney leaves the Chapel to greet her family and the Sisters.

Courtney smiles as she is greeted by Sr M Elaine.

Sr M Delrose greets Courtney with a hug.

Courtney is greeted by the novices. She will live with them at St Clare Convent this year.

Courtney poses for a picture with her Mom and Dad before they leave to return home.

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