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Blessed Mother Maria Theresia:  On November 10, 2013 many of our Sisters pilgriamged to Germany for the Beatification of our foundress while those who stayed at home joined us via livestream for the Mass that took place in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paderborn. Many of the photos that follow are shown through the kindenss of the Archdiocese. How truly blessed we were to experience this phenomenal event, an event for which so many of our Sisters have prayed throughout the 108 years since Mother’s passing into eternal life. Blessed Mother Maria Theresia, pray for us!

Paderborn Cathedral where the Mass of Beatification took place. The banner to the right with Mother's quote “He leads. I follow.“

The Sister from Germany, USA, Philippines and Brazil assembling.

The Sisters assembeled two hours before the start of the Mass. And the first two priests ready in the choir were Fr. Tim Alkire and Fr. Gustavo - two of the five priests who accompanied us on pilgrimage.

Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker requesting that the beatification of Venerable Mother Maria Theresia proceed.

Sister Mediatrix of the German Province reading a short biography on Mother Maria Theressia.

Angelo Cardinal Amato, SDB, Prefect for the Congregation of the Causes of Saints pronouncing the formula of beatification.

Unveiling of the image of Blessed Mother Maria Theresia -  Father Daniel Scheidt later pointed out that it was beautiful to see the bishops venerating the image of Mother Maria Theresia, since, to paraphrase Paul VI, the glory of the Church is not in its hierarchy but in its saints.

Sr M Magdalena presents the relic to Angelo Cardinal Amato.

Bishop Becker gives his thanks to the Holy Father through his emissary Cardinal Amato as they share the sign of peace. The postulator, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi and Sr M Magdalena also approach to share the sign of peace.

Bishop Hans-Josef Becker and Bishop Kevin Rhoades stand respecitivly to the left and right of Cardinal Amato. It is beautiful to think that the successors of Bishop Konrad Martin, who first gave Mother Theresia to the Church in Germany, and Bishop Joseph Dwenger, who gave Mother to the Church in America, were both present to give her now to the wider Church!

Also, just above and to the left in the choir stand the priests that accompaniend and ministered to us on our pilgrimage: (right to left) Fr Ben Mullenkamp (tallest and holding his book high), second priest to his right is Fr Jason Freiburger, Fr. Daniel Scheidt, Fr Gustavo, and Fr Tim Alkire.

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